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Kray Technologies developed more accurate agricultural droneqrcode

Jan. 8, 2018

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From a technological standpoint, one of the hardest industries to innovate in, is farming. Tens of thousands of farmers, across tens of millions of acres, barely get by on what they have today. Farmer’s know that pesticide protection is one of the most important things to protect their crop and their livelihood. But the options available for farmers today are quite costly. One wrong decision when it comes to crop protection, can ruin their entire year.
Most farmers aren’t able to own their own crop dusting planes so they rely on the services of others. There are so many unplanned variables when it comes to traditional crop dusting companies. First they have to worry about the weather, the chemicals, and the size of their crop.
Farmer’s must also trust that the crop dusting company is doing exactly what they say they are doing. They need to know that they are spraying the right amount of pesticide. Spray too little and crops could ruin, spray too much, crops could ruin as well. Farmer’s also need to trust that the equipment is working right. Many crop dusting companies are run by “old man Johnny” just down the way. You know, the guy who’s just been doing it for the last 50 years.

Kray Technologies, a startup born in the Ukraine and now based in California, has developed an agricultural drone that is more accurate in it’s pesticide delivery than traditional crop dusting planes. The unmanned aircraft can be flown in conditions where pilots may not want to fly. It’s also a lot easier to maintain than a traditional crop dusting plane.
One of the best advantages for farmers, with Kray Technologies agricultural drone is it’s precise data. Farmers will know exactly how much pesticide was used. They’ll be able to see through video and data, where the pesticide went in their fields and if there was any problem with the dusting. This improvement in documented accuracy itself can save farmer’s potentially thousands of dollars a year.
Kray Technologies puts the cost of ownership of their unmanned crop dusters in a range that’s affordable to most farmers, making it a worthwhile investment to protect their crops of the future.

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