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AgroPages: Top 10 Most Popular Stories in 2017qrcode

Jan. 4, 2018

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Jan. 4, 2018

AgroPages: Top 10 Most Popular Stories in 2017

Here’s a roundup of the top 10 most popular stories on AgroPages in 2017. All of these stories are original works written by our editors or our expert contributors. They and their articles were known by more people through our newsletter delivery (62,000+ subscribers globally) and social media spread (8,600+ followers on LinkedIn and Twitter).
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Here’s a look at the year’s 10 Popular stories:
Author: Paul Zheng, editor of AgroPages
Latin America is an important region for global food production and export. Crop production in Latin America has risen dramatically in recent decades and its production is expected to continue to rise as growers in countries such as Brazil continue to expand planted area and push for higher yields. This, in turn, will support increased fertilizers consumption.
Author: Grace Yuan, editor of AgroPages
Despite the effects of unpredictable weather, unstable exchange rates, and the falling prices of agricultural products, the top 20 global agrochemical companies produced mixed results in 2016.
Author: Grace Yuan, editor of AgroPages
Brazil is responsible for almost a third of all coffee production on the continent. However, the volume of coffee production in these countries has been affected by various diseases and pests, with coffee leaf rust being the biggest threat that might lead to a substantial fall in output and affect the quality of the beverage. 
Author: Flavio Hirata, MBA, agronomist, consultant from AllierBrasil
While the biggest companies in the world are in process of mergers and acquisitions, sharing more than 85% of Brazilian pesticide market, those who want to access it are facing one of the most difficult barriers ever since to have registration approvals, the true bottleneck. 
Interviewee: Mr. Narendra Rane, Chief Operating Officer (Global II- Agro & Specialty) of Indofil
Indofil is recognized as a quality manufacturer of various agrochemical technicals, innovative solo and mixture formulations. It focuses on the backward integration and and operates on highest standards of EHS.
Author: James M. MacDonald
Agriculture in the United States uses less land, and far less labor, today than it did in the 1940s. Yet agricultural production grew by 169 percent between 1948 and 2013, with nearly all of it due to improvements in productivity. Biological, mechanical, chemical, and organizational innovations from both public and private sector investments in research and development (R&D) have largely driven this productivity growth.
By Marcio Navega, Director of Clariant Crop Solutions Asia Pacific
Synergen™ GA belongs to Clariant’s innovative family of glucamides which set the performance standard to a new level in a wide range of industries, including Personal Care, Home Care, and  Paints & Coatings. This high salt tolerant Synergen™ GA is a breakthrough in the development of stable, effective, and more environmentally- and health-compatible agrochemicals. 
Contributed by Markets&Markets
Developing economies such as countries from Latin America serves as growth opportunities for the biocontrol products market. Global biological companies are also focusing towards the Latin American region and are increasing the availability of their products in this region through various channels. 
Co-authors: Dr. Daniela Kruse, Rene Haensel, Carsten Riedl and Dr. Justin A. Heuser
BREAK-TRHU® DA products contain multiple occurrences of these anchoring groups which are particularly effective for adsorbing onto many organic pesticide particles. Due to their amphiphilic character, these dispersants decrease the surface tension of water and thereby provide wetting of solids into water. This enhances the milling efficiency and leads to smaller particle sizes which improves biological efficacy. 
Author: Dr Minshad A Ansari, founder and Managing Director of Bionema Ltd
The fall-out from last year's decision by the UK to withdraw from the European Union continues to bring unparalleled uncertainty to biopesticide industry across the UK and deep concern especially in research and development. 
Source: AgroNews

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