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China’s pesticide manufacturers required to finish the application for sewage discharge licenses before 2018qrcode

Favorites Print Dec. 19, 2017
By Think Real - At the training meeting held by the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) for the application of sewage discharge licenses in early November 2017, Li Zhonghua, Secretary General of the CCPIA reminded manufacturers to pay attention to and speed up their applications for the licenses, given that the license is the only administrative approval for pesticide manufacturers to discharge sewages during their production and that it is less than 2 months left for the license application which is expected to come to an end at the end of 2017.
At the end of September 2017, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China officially released the Technical Regulations on Sewage Discharge License Application, Examination and Approval for Pesticide Manufacturing Industry. This is intended to guide and regulate the application, examination and approval of sewage discharge license in the pesticide manufacturing industry. Over 2,000 pesticide manufacturing enterprises registered throughout the country are required to finish the application for the license before 2018. In order to help the enterprises process their applications smoothly, the CCPIA held the above training meeting and invited experts for the formulation of the technical regulations to make deep interpretation of the top level design of the license and the technical regulations on license application, examination and approval, introduce the detailed application steps, notes and application materials and answer the questions of the enterprises on their filling on the platform.
“The license issued by the central government this time is totally different from the former license, except the name;” said Li Zhonghua, “The state level license has systems related to the environmental administration on fixed sources integrated and combines systems of environmental evaluation, environmental monitoring, charges on sewage discharge and environmental statistics. The environmental protection department will supervise based on the license. Currently the targets listed in the license are air pollutants and water pollutants. In the future other pollutants will be included step by step in a legal way.”
So far the targets for the licensing in the pesticide manufacturing industry are the enterprises involved in pesticide technical manufacturing, pesticide intermediate manufacturing and pesticide formulations processing. The manufacturers who fail to obtain the licenses will be forced to suspend production after the deadline.
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Source: Think Real


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