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Nov. 23, 2017

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The Weihai enteromorpha source utilization project (phase 2) and Seawin Biotech Group’s project for 100,000t bio-organic fertilizer was announced at a function held in Winser Biotech, Rushan, on November 19.

Seawin Biotech Group is a state-level high-tech enterprise. Their product, seaweed fertilizer Haizhuangyuan 818, is of a famous Chinese brand. Seawin Biotech has planned the development, production and sales of a new type of seaweed fertilizer, the development and production of marine bioproducts and provision for marine environmental services. The enterprise has three production bases in Jiaozhou, Rushan and Rongcheng. 
Winser Biotech is located in Rushan, which is rich in oyster shell, fish protein and enteromorpha.
Following in-depth research by the Ocean University of China and with the help of rich resources from the local marine life, biofertilizer, made mainly of double algae and marine life calcium powder, was pioneered by Seawin Biotech. The biofertilizer is widely used for its positive effects on soil improvement and heavy metal absorption, among others. These have contributed to gaining the trust of and desirable comments from consumers worldwide. This coincides with the state’s suggestion, which is increasing fertilizing efficiency and zero growth of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Winser Biotech’s projects for enteromorpha source utilization (phase 2) and 100,000t bio-organic fertilizer are milestones in history. This can not only boost the local enteromorpha use, but also increase the production up to 250,000t with two existing production lines. It will meet the market demand by expanding provision.  
The enterprise will develop products with higher technology from the end of this year until the next. With more marine life resources and well-developed products, Seawin Biotech is eyeing quick development and making more contributions to China’s “blue marine economy” and “green agriculture.”  

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