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Syngenta launches MIRAVIS® Duo for peanuts in Argentinaqrcode

Nov. 28, 2017

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Syngenta Agro
Syngenta has announced the launch of fungicide MIRAVIS® Duo for peanut crops in Argentina.
Through MIRAVIS Duo, peanut growers will have a new ally in the control of diseases. This product combines the action of ADEPIDYN, a new fungicide molecule belonging to the carboxamide chemical class having an SDHI mode of action, with difenoconazole.  The mixture delivers a step-change in control of leaf spots, in addition to combining two different mode of action chemistries, to mitigate the risk of resistance.
“MIRAVIS Duo is a completely different product and will help growers secure a higher profitability per hectare,” Mauricio Morabito, Marketing Manager for Latin America South, said. “The differences in the trials treated with this product, are seen immediately. MIRAVIS Duo has the ability to deliver outstanding protection from leaf spots, due to the superior intrinsic potency and robust quantitative rain fastness properties.” 
Alejandro Falabella, Fungicide Manager, Latin America South, added: “Syngenta’s challenge is to sustainably feed a growing population. Such technologies set a new benchmark for efficiency, security and value, and help the grower, to access new tools to protect their crop and maximize yields and profitability.
“ADEPIDYN belongs to the carboxamide chemical class, having an SDHI mode of action. However, the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC), has classified ADEPIDYN as a first member of a new chemical group N-methoxy-(phenyl-ethyl)-pyrazole-carboxamide, due to its unique molecular structure. ADEPIDYN-based products allow us to address 60 per cent of the disease control market at a global level, and has the best spectrum for the control of foliar disease pathogens within the Argentinian market.”  
Field results 
Field trial data shows a substantial visual and yield difference in peanut crops when MIRAVIS Duo has been used, when compared with other products. According to the data, MIRAVIS Duo significantly reduced the number of spots per leaf, minimized defoliation and delivered an average of seven tons per hectare extra over other commercial products and treatments. 

In peanuts, the high pressure of diseases, such as leaf spots, until now has demanded up to five applications of fungicides and noticeably affected the margins. 
Julio Muriel, responsible for the development in fungicides in Latin America South, explained: “In my professional experience I have never seen such an amazing result against the check – and even against other treatments – as the ones obtained with MIRAVIS Duo. This shows that carboxamides represent an evolution in the fungicides market, and that MIRAVIS Duo in particular, is a product that differences from anything previously known.” 
The importance of the responsible use of fungicides to avoid the emergence of resistance was highlighted during the MIRAVIS Duo launch event. Experts also highlighted the need to rotate this product with other active principles such as DACONIL®, a fungicide that has multi-sites as a mode of action against the pathogen. Syngenta also recommends an application 45 days before harvest. 
Disease advance and peanut control techniques 
According to peanut specialist, Julian Garcia, from Laboratorio Oro Verde, “The main challenges we face are the use of resistant varieties, and ensuring better tolerance against diseases such as Thecaphora frezii and Cercospora leaf spot, to reduce product use. In Argentina very few varieties are used, and this is an area to rethink, to increase the possibilities of improving the results. 
“The best tool for disease management is crop rotation, since the initial inoculum is lowered. The environment is another factor of high importance on the presence and intensity of diseases, which are favored by the rains.  
“The efficiency of product control is greater when the product is applied before the crop is affected by the disease. MIRAVIS Duo is a very good preventive product, so the application is recommended even if predisposing conditions are detected, and do not delay the time of application for logistical reasons – it is important to take care of the availability of the applicator equipment.” 

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