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COMPO EXPERT enters strategic partnership in China with leading Chinese fertilizer company Xinyangfengqrcode

Oct. 13, 2017

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COMPO EXPERT, a leading manufacturer of specialty fertilizers for commercial use and portfolio company of the London-headquartered global private equity firm XIO Group, is entering a strategic partnership for the brands Blaukorn and NovaTec with Hubei Xinyangfeng Fertilizer Co., Ltd (Xinyangfeng), a leading fertilizer manufacturer in the People's Republic of China. In the future, the two companies will engage in close and comprehensive cooperation in technology development, localized production and joint commercialization of highly efficient, environmentally friendly fertilizers for the growing Chinese market.

- Comprehensive cooperation in terms of technology development, localized production and commercialization for highly efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizers under the brands Blaukorn and NovaTec
- Strengthening product series of nutrients for cash crops and high value crops that deliver considerable benefits for Chinese farmers
- COMPO EXPERT with significantly extended access to growing Chinese market
- Efficient local production with improved ecological footprint
- COMPO EXPERT CEO Thomas H. Ahrens: "This strategic partnership is a key milestone in the consistent implementation of our global growth strategy."
- Xinyangfeng President Bin Huang: "Xinyangfeng's decades of experience and our extensive distribution network inChina are perfectly complemented by the great technology and production expertise of COMPO EXPERT."
Thomas H. Ahrens, the CEO of COMPO EXPERT said: "China is a key building block on our way to become the leading manufacturer of specialty fertilizer for commercial use worldwide. Xinyangfeng is an outstanding fit for us as a strategic partner and the partnership agreement we signed today is a key milestone in the consistent implementation of our global growth strategy. I am firmly convinced that our cooperation will be a success and will create value for both companies as well as Chinese agriculture as a whole."
Through the cooperation, Xinyangfeng will become COMPO EXPERT's exclusive partner for the brands Blaukorn and NovaTec in China. With its extensive nation-wide distribution network through 30 sales offices and approximately 4,100 wholesalers and 60,000 retailers, Xinyangfeng has a very strong position in the Chinese fertilizer market, which will benefit COMPO EXPERT. Both companies will offer a product series of nutrients for cash crops and high value crops that meet the rising expectations of Chinese farmers in terms of crop yields and sustainability. For that purpose, Xinyangfeng will establish a local manufacturing facility in Zhonglin in the Hubei province. The resulting short transport routes will ensure efficient and environmentally friendly production.
Bin Huang, the President of Xinyangfeng: "We are pleased with our strategic partnership with COMPO EXPERT. It combines two outstanding companies that are an excellent fit for one another. Xinyangfeng's decades of experience and our extensive distribution network in China are perfectly complemented by the great technology and production expertise of COMPO EXPERT. Together we are now well positioned to meet the growing demand of Chinese farmers for modern fertilizers."
COMPO EXPERT, Europe's leading manufacturer of special fertilizers, offers a broad portfolio of high-quality innovative fertilizers for commercial use. The strategic partnership is centered around two products: granular NPK branded as Blaukorn and stabilized, granular NPK under the NovaTec brand. The Chinese market offers great growth potential especially for high quality and environmentally friendly fertilizer products with high efficiency. While China accounts for about ten percent of the world's cropland, the fertilizers used there represent almost one third of global consumption.
Murphy Qiao, Partner and Head of Asia of the XIO Group, the London-headquartered owner of COMPO EXPERT: "Since the beginning of 2015 we have been supporting the management of COMPO EXPERT in the development and implementation of a value-generating global growth strategy. The company has expanded its leading position in Europeas well as in Latin and South America. The strategic partnership with Xinyangfeng is a win-win-cooperation for both companies. It provides COMPO EXPERT with extended access to the growth market of China, while Xinyangfeng will significantly expand its production know-how and product range."
Joseph Pacini, CEO and Partner of XIO Group added: "COMPO EXPERT's strategic partnership with Xinyangfeng exemplifies XIO Group's strategy to identify and invest in market-leading and high-performing businesses located across Europe and North America and to help these companies in capitalizing on untapped opportunities in fast growing markets, particularly those in Asia."

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