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Nantong Jiangshan completes first purchase order of amide mixture formulationqrcode

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Nantong Jiangshan completes first purchase order of amide mixture formulation

Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical and Chemicals initiated the production of the first purchase order of the company for the amide mixture formulation product 700g/L Butachlor + Propanil EC on July 20. 
The mixture formulation uses high quality Butachlor crude oil, which is made by Nantong Jiangshan via international advanced process. The product has the advantage of high purity, low cost and light color, which is being sold to paddy rice planting countries abroad. The product is effective for the prevention and control of herbicide resistant weeds, such as barnyard grass, having been highly recognized by customers. It is another masterpiece product of the company released recently in the market.
Butachlor, which is one the active ingredients, is a selective pre-emergence herbicide controlling weeds via the inhibition of protein synthesis inside the plant body. Propanil is a contact-toxicity selective post-emergence herbicide, which controls weeds via the inhibition of plant photosynthesis. The action mechanism, acting site and application period of the two kinds of active ingredients are different, which, after mixing will prolong the residence time of applications and enhance the control effect against the worst weeds, while the quantity of use is reduced. However, because Propanil is a solid state technical material, which is not easily dissolved, it is difficult to be mixed with conventional emulsifiable products.
Under such a circumstance, Nantong Jiangshan assembled technical staff at its formulation plant to take the challenge and has conducted a continuous improvement in the formulation process. Finally, a solvent fit for dissolution of the solid state Propanil was screened out, which could dissolve Propanil in a short time.
Before this achievement, Nantong Jiangshan announced the implementation of the annual 26,000-ton amide herbicide renovation Phase 2 project. Upon its completion, the company will reach an annual capacity of 46,000-ton amide herbicide technical, which will be a complement for the company’s commissioned annual 70,000-ton Glyphosate capacity, resulting in the formation of a pesticide production structure featured with non-selective pre-emergence herbicides, such as Glyphosate and supplemented by amide selective herbicide. This will further enhance the comprehensive agricultural service capacity of the company. 
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