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Sep. 19, 2017

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By Think Real - On August 15, 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) issued a notice, which said that in order to strengthen the safety production work in the aspects of pesticide production, management, use, and prevent safety production accidents in pesticide industry as well, the MOA decided to carry out a nationwide safety production inspection work in pesticide industry.
Main points of inspection:
1.  Implementation of safety production responsibility system
Whether enterprises fully carry out safety production responsibility system.
Whether establish the whole process of safety production and occupational health management system
2.  Implementation of security measures
Strengthen inspection on the implementation of safety precautions in pesticide production enterprises and management units that with the use of flammable and explosive raw materials or high risk toxicity.
Check and implement the measures to prevent and eliminate major accidents.
3.  Safety management of pesticide industry
To check whether the industry administrating departments of various regions implement the concept and requirements of safety production in the management of pesticide management system, development planning, industrial policy, administrative licensing and so on.
4.  In-depth development of special administration
Pay attention to the comprehensive management inspection of dangerous chemicals and pesticide safety production.
To check the situation of pesticide with high risk, high toxicity and other restrictions on the use of pesticide sentinel business, counter sales, real name purchase, accounting records and so on.
To check the use of illegal production and operation of highly toxic pesticides
To check the situation of pesticide fake sale and  fumigated phosphating aluminum by storing grain
To check the potential safety hazard of the mix of pesticides, food and other goods.
Working arrangements:
From August to October, 2017, pesticide industry safety inspection would be carried out in these 3 months
August 2017: agricultural sectors in the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should be combined with actual situation to draw up specific implementation plan, clarifying the main tasks, key content and job requirements of the inspection.
September 2017: agricultural sectors in the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should specify inspection matters, specific content and inspection standards, carefully check security risks and signs of accident, and use “carpet-style” investigation to achieve full coverage. All accident potential discovered in the inspection should be strictly implemented related rectification responsibilities to make rectification measures and carry out them immediately.
October 2017: agricultural sectors in various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should take urgent inspection, assault inspection of the unannounced visits, random check, check back, cross inspection and other means, to carry out in-depth inspection, with the focus of the key enterprises, key products and key areas that often happen accidents. The MOA will carry out random checks and pay more attention on the key field of industry to do supervision.

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