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Enrique Riquelme re-elected secretary general of AEFAqrcode

Favorites Print Aug. 25, 2017
• The Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers founded in 1997, is made up of more than 50 companies whose purpose is to contribute effectively to development and agricultural expansion.
• Riquelme CEO of Grupo Agrotecnología has been elected to the position of secretary for the second time in a row.
Enrique Riquelme has renewed his position as secretary at the head of the Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers during the last general assembly held in Madrid. In this way, the CEO of Grupo Agrotecnología, a leading company in the sector of biostimulants and biopesticides in Spain, continues in the position for which he was appointed in 2012.
Riquelme, a long-time professional in the field of biostimulants and biopesticides, both nationally and internationally, explains that "AEFA was born with the aim of uniting companies in the sector of bio-stimulants and biopesticides in a common strategy to give a Joint response, defend their rights and interests and provide solutions in the different processes of standardization of the sector. "
"The commitment of the companies integrated in the Spanish Association of Agronutrient Manufacturers, not only lies in the manufacture of high quality nutritional products with the proper and precise use of their formulations, But goes further. We are aware of the need for sustainable agriculture with integrated production, organic farming and protection of minor crops, we bring technological and innovative solutions that respect the environment and preserve the framework of agricultural development for future generations "; In fact, continues Riquelme "partners take on the challenge of providing our support to agricultural nutrition, be transparent to the farmer with advice and collaboration to make their production better and more profitable, Also, we acquire the ethical and environmental commitment so that its products are of quality and respectful with the environment ".
Agro-technology: Grupo Agrotecnología (Iberfol S.L.) is a Spanish company dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and marketing of products for the protection and nutrition of agricultural crops that respect the environment. Grupo Agrotecnología, is headquartered in Spain, where it serves the markets of Europe and Africa. In addition, it has three subsidiaries: Grupo Agrotecnología México, to provide coverage to Central America and North America; Grupo Agrotecnología Sur, located in Chile to serve the whole of South America and Grupo Agrotecnología del Perú, to address Peruvian agriculture.


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