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Aug. 18, 2017

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Taba® is a highly effective plant growth bio-stimulant, based on a novel technology of microbial extracts fortified with Gibberellic acid and micronutrients/ minerals, manufactured by Kan biosys Pvt. Ltd. Taba®acts synergistically with plant metabolism and accelerates the growth functions of the plant.

Taba® also stimulates the physiological efficiency thereby increasing the production of hormones and enzymes. This helps the plant to express its full genetic potential.
Important facts 

Taba® is a validated technology on 20 different crops. Taba® has rapid acceptance amongst farmers in cotton, soybean, wheat, rice, corn and horticultural crops. Taba® is compatible with all biologicals and most of the chemical pesticides and herbicides. It is widely used to over-come physical abiotic stress like drought, high temperature and frost injuries. Many of the herbicide injuries are cured rapidly after using Taba®. Biotic stress like pest/pathogen attack often induces a growth-lag in the crop cycle. Use of Taba® rapidly pulls the crops out of the growth-lag and imparts the necessary growth momentum. This is possible by lamellar absorption of organic acid and protein bound elements, plant growth promoting substances, silicates and vitamins micronutrients/minerals. Taba® has a unique mode of action as anti-stress formulation which sets it apart. 
Taba® is a product for residue free farming and is widely used by exporters who have to cater to the MRL levels in EU and American markets. Taba®  has been validated on all majorn crops in 10 top agricultural states of India and almost 15 State Agricultural universities and National Research Centres in India.
Taba® is produced in a ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified,  state-of-art fermentation unit of Kan biosys, near Pune, India. It is a product of in-house research carried out at DSIR [ Department of Scientific and Industrial Research – Ministry of Science and Technology, Gov. Of India] recognized R and D laboratory. Taba® has been tested by more than 10 agricultural universities in varied agro-climatic zones. Taba®is registered in India and Turkey and registration is in pipeline in 4 other countries.
Gibberellic acid free version of Taba® has OMRI listing in USA and is certified input for organic farming with ECOCERT. Kan biosys also has co-marketing tie-ups with Indo Gulf Fertilizers and Nagarjuna Agrichem in India.

- Helps plant to overcome biotic and abiotic stresses w.r.t. biological, chemical or physical 
- Increases photosynthesis
- Boosts flowering and fruiting
- Reduces flower and fruit fall
- Increase yield and keeping quality
- Enhances quality of produce

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