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XX Brazilian Congress of Seed Technology: Brazil seeing revolution in seed treatmentqrcode

Aug. 15, 2017

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By Leonardo Gottems, reporter of AgroPages
“We are passing through a true revolution in seed treatment in Brazil. This traditional treatment, called ‘on farm,’ was done by farmers and has evolved a lot. It is a high technology treatment, but does not use all of what was developed,” said the Financial Director of the Sustainable Agricultural Scientific Council, José Otávio Menten.
In an exclusive interview with the AgroPages portal, Menten highlighted that industrial seed treatment is done in appropriate locations that are centers dedicated to this, using the best equipment, the best product, and trained people. “This brings an advantage for the person doing the operation, lower exposition to collateral effects and gets a better quality of the seed.”
“We are in the operation of using traditional pesticides, but also using diverse biological products, besides micro-nutrients - ending this operation with polymers and drying powder—which guarantees the adhesion of products,” explained Menten, who is also an agronomist and professor at the University of São Paulo.
According to him, this guarantees a much smaller loss because of the dust, which guarantees that the product remains on the seeds, and reduces the chances of contamination in the one doing the treatment and who will work with the treated seed during sowing.
Menten participated in the XX Brazilian Congress of Seeds, which held last week in Foz do Iguaçu, state of Parana. He also acted as a moderator for a panel on Seed Treatment II, which is part of the program of the XIV Brazilian Symposium on Seeds Pathology on Thursday (08.10).
The expert affirmed in the interview that the cost of industrial seed treatment in Brazil is worthy and the current appreciation is such that it is possible to buy per unit, not per kilogram. According to Menten, this investment guarantees the quality of the main input of agriculture, which is the seed. “It is there that there is the technology, the germplasm, so it must be protected,” he concluded.
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Source: AgroNews


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