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ICAMA: Existing pesticide labels can only be used by the end of 2017qrcode

Aug. 14, 2017

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By Think Real - On 29 June, 2017, Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) carried on detailed explanation about related pesticide policy from the newly released measure of “Pesticide Label and Instruction Management Method”.
New regulations on pesticide labeling:
1.   There are 11 items that must be indicated in the pesticide labels. To be more specific, the traceability electronic code and related terms of “restricted for use” are the two important addition content. The traceability electronic code shall be labeled as QR code. Besides it can scan to identify chemicals name information, pesticide registers card holder name and so on.
The important effects of QR code:
1)    Provide consulting and retrospective management function service for government department, enterprises, and establish product quality safety records and corporate reputation documents.
2)    Provide real scientific data for enterprise production planning to reduce inventory risk and financial cost
3)    Provide enterprises with integrated mobile internet solutions which contain product anti-counterfeiting, anti-channel conflict, e-commerce and market promotion.
2.   The package of highly toxic pesticides and riskiest pesticides should be labeled with emergency medical consulting telephone. Toxicity and its labeling should be indicated below the effective component content and dosage form.
3.   Labels cannot be pasted or altered. Relevant information of enterprises should be marked by enterprises themselves who responsible for authenticity.
4.   The existing product labels can only be used at the end of 2017. From 1 January, 2018, the specified labels and instructions in accordance with new measures of Pesticide Label and Instruction Management Method” will be used.
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Source: Think Real


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