Health Canada proposes to phase out all uses of the insecticide phosmet due to potential risks of concern to human health that cannot be reduced through feasible label directions.
Phosmet is an organophosphate insecticide used to control insect pests on ornamental plants and a wide variety of agricultural crops including alfalfa, fruits and vegetables. There are currently two end-use products containing phosmet registered for commercial use in Canada:
IMIDAN 50-WP INSTAPAK (Registration Number 23006)
IMIDAN 70-WP INSTAPAK (Registration Number 29064)
Based on the currently available information and most recent risk assessment methods, there are no feasible measures to reduce the risk to an acceptable level for people entering treated sites to conduct activities such as hand harvesting and thinning. Therefore, the PMRA is proposing to phase out all uses of phosmet.
The proposed re-evaluation decision is now open for public consultation for 90 days from the date of the publication of Proposed Re-evaluation Decision PRVD2017-07, Phosmet. Once the PMRA considers the comments and any information received during the public consultation period, it will publish a final decision.