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Favorites Print Jul. 4, 2017
The potable watergrade-sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution for the Jiangshan brand name was approved in January this year.
Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical and Chemicals has now become Nantong’s first producer of the potable water grade-sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution. As a conventional agricultural input producer, the company has made its first trial towards the potable water application field.
This has resulted in the successful upgrading of the conventional downstream chlor-alkali product, which paves the way for the downstream chlor-alkali product to extend to food grade applications in the future.
Since the second half of 2006, Nantong Jiangshan started upgrading its production process for the industrial grade-sodium hypochlorite. The company has explored an automated process for production of potable water grade-sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution following the smooth upgrading of the industrial grade-sodium hypochlorite production facility.
Till date, the company’s production capacity of potable water grade-sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution has reached 60,000 tons per year.
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Source: AgroNews


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