Australian company Nufarm has announced a new concept for seed treatment, with tools for the control of major plagues and diseases in seeds and seedlings of soybeans, corn, cotton, wheat, and other crops in Brazil.
Named SeedProtection, the new concept will be introduced in the market by next August. According to the manager of insecticides and fungicides of Nufarm, agronomist Murilo Borges, it is a combination of cutting-edge products and high-quality services for the control of diseases and initial specific plagues, according to the profile and characteristics of each property.
Borges highlights that the SeedProtection system will be based on the insecticides Maestro FS, recently-launched, Inside FS, Adage 350 FS, and Saddler 350 SC, the latter with the launch forecast for next July. Also part of the program, are the fungicides Apron RFC and Carboxam 500 SC.
The manager of Nufarm highlighted that the company has invested strongly in widening its line of solutions for seed treatment in the last two years. The company considers this sector strategic with an annual move of US$ 800 million in Brazil.
“Nufarm will continue to invest in providing a wide spectrum field for seed treatment in major agricultural crops,” highlighted Jeander Costs, executive manager for Trade Marketing at the company.