Agro-Kanesho has acquired ‘Off® II Flowable’ herbicide business from BASF in Japan, including registration and trademark etc. rights of the product and the access rights to the registration data of imazaquin from BASF.
‘Off® II Flowable’ was registered in Japan in 1994, it’s a mixture herbicide for used in lawn and golf course, containing pendimethalin, which has excellent soil treatment effect and imazaquin, which has excellent effect in foliar treatment. As a suitable spraying time, it has a wide application window from weed emergence to growing season, and it can be used in many situations during autumn and winter season and Japanese turf dormancy period.
According to the agreement, Agro-Kanesho will soon sell ‘Off® II Flowable’ in Japan market. “We will be able to expand our share in the turf management field,” comments the company.