The Indian government appears poised to extend the June 30 deadline and further delay implementation its fumigation policy that would have serious implications for the Canadian pulse sector.
The requirement for all countries including Canada to fumigate all pulse shipments to India with methyl bromide before they leave port would be delayed until Dec. 31, according to an inter-office memo posted by the Government of India’s Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. (
Officials at Pulse Canada and the federal government were not immediately available for comment.
India requires the fumigation to help protect its onion and garlic crops from nematode pests.
Canada cannot fumigate with methyl bromide because it is too cold.
Without the delay in the requirement, it would have to ship peas and lentils to a third country for fumigation before they could be taken to India.
India buys one-third of Canadian peas and lentils, worth about C$1.1 billion last year.