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Favorites Print Jun. 29, 2017
Between the 7th and 11th of June, Grupo Agrotecnologí celebrated its 20th anniversary in the Canary Islands, organizing a conference in which the present and future of the Biostimulants and biopesticides in order to better feed the new challenges that the world economy poses.
In the incomparable setting of Tenerife and under the call of Grupo Agrotecnología, the company's distributors, technical prescribers of their products, as well as large producers to analyze the main issues affecting the biopesticides sector such as the legislative framework Or the new challenges facing agriculture. In this sense E. Riquelme CEO of the Alicante company pointed out that "a European legal framework
In addition to the need for a legislative framework to regulate the sector within the framework of the convention, there was also talk about the awareness of consuming products with waste 0, there the supermarket chains should make a notable effort in their product distribution policy Bio-sustainable. The consumption of waste products or will have an impact, as well as a boost and positive development of the agricultural sector. A resolute commitment to an intelligent, integrated agriculture in the framework of a circular and sustainable economy that will contribute to respect the environment, while benefiting domestic and European producers, distributors and consumers. As "sustainable development is one of the most important challenges we face, with the priority of contributing to the reduction of food waste by half", explained Amaya Jordá, Marketing Director of Grupo Agrotecnología.
Biopesticides and the green revolution was another of the topics discussed in this 20th anniversary of Grupo Agrotecnología from the point of view of sustainability for both the consumer, the farmer and the environment. In this regard, Jordá reported that "According to the latest FAO data, by 2050, world production should increase by 60% to cover global demand for food. On the other hand, 33% of the world's soils are degraded due to erosion, depletion, acidification or chemical pollution. This poses a challenge to global agriculture, which must make efficient use of water, reduce pesticides and improve soil health in order to increase the average yield of crops. It raises a scenario in which the use of biopesticides and biostimulants become vitally important. "
In addition to analyzing the new challenges faced by the Agro-technology Group, its new R & D & I director, Noemi Herrero Asensio presented to the attendees the new Research and Development Department, which is dedicated to the development and improvement Continuous new products 3% of turnover. Herrero said that the R & D department he is managing "is constantly investigating the most advanced production technology to offer innovative, effective and competitive products and services, as well as highlighting the numerous collaborations of the company with Alicante And national and international universities guaranteeing the highest quality and constant innovation of our R & D & I department. "
Finally, David Pérez, director of the technical department, presented to the participants of the convention the results of the tests with biostimulants and biopesticides made in the last season 2015-2017.
The celebration of this 20th anniversary of Grupo Agrotecnología culminated with a visit to the Teide National Park, in addition the participants were able to see the sky, as well as solar flares and beats of the Sun from the Teide Observatory.


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