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BASF launches new turf fungicide Flite® Flowable in Japanqrcode

Favorites Print Jun. 20, 2017
BASF Japan
BASF will launch a new turf fungicide, Flite® Flowable, that provides excellent preventive and curative control of anthracnose, a fungal disease that causes black patches on leaves and destroys them in a very short time. Containing the active ingredient triticonazole, Flite Flowable fungicide is also effective in controlling other key turf diseases including dollar spot and brown patch.
Anthracnose occurs from spring to autumn in Japan, when the temperature is above a certain level. It has become a growing challenge in bent grass, commonly used in golf courses. "Golf course turf is very delicate and is susceptible to diseases caused by various factors, such as the weather, environmental conditions and tread pressure. A preventive measure against diseases is crucial to maintaining the quality of greens,” said Michi Kondo, Senior Manager, Professional & Specialty Solutions, Crop Protection, BASF Japan.
The launch of Flite Flowable offers applicators a new alternative for rotational disease control and improved resistance management. Flite Flowable is also systemic and highly rainfast. It is available in small-lot packages to benefit greenskeepers who only need the product in limited amount.
“BASF’s turf management products, such as Flite Flowable, are not only highly effective in prevention of diseases, they also help greenskeepers and turf managers maintain healthy and functional turf. BASF will continue to develop and provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of our Japanese customers to pursue high quality, spotless turf," added Kondo.


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