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FOREVEREST launched PINEYE™ biobased antitranspirants label for plantsqrcode

Jun. 19, 2017

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Jun. 19, 2017
Foreverest Resources Ltd. launched PINEYE™, an improved natural spreader-sticker & extender label for plants. This film forming line is prepared on bio-based ingredients, specialty for hand sprayers and mixing tank on aircrafts. Do not interfere spray gun, and easy cleaning after spraying work. Has excellent weathering and biodegradeable properties, eco and non-phytotoxic, do not cause chemical burns on plants.
PINEYE™ Emulsion can mix with various of pesticides and soluble fertilizers compatibility. According as the mixing content, effects as sun guard defenses UV light, antitranspirant, wetting agent and synergist. Which application on plant protection before raining, extend ripening time of climacteric type fruits, such like mango. Also inhibits fungal penetration by the film-forming property.
Figure 1. PINEYE Emulsion is a water emulsifiable polymer appears as white liquid after mixed with water. It is used as the substitute for Vapor Gard of Miller Chemicals 
Figure 1. PINEYE™ Emulsion is a water emulsifiable polymer appears as white liquid after mixed with water.
It sprays on all crops, fruits and flowers safety. The amber emulsion can mix with water directly, it is a water emulsifiable adjuvant and appeared as white liquid after dilution. In the anti-transpiration compared testing, the sprayed sample is fresher than the untreated sample at the room temperature. Leaf surface without PINEYE™ Emulsion is turning dried quickly than sprayed samples.
Figure 2. Leaf samples at 25℃ room temperature for 6 hours, the middle sample is treated on PINEYE™ Emulsion
Figure 3. Leaf samples at 33℃ temperature open air for 3 hours. The untreated leaf (right) dried quickly, has turned photo-oxidative. PINEYE™ Emulsion was sprayed at the middle sample.
When the samples in the opening air and under the sun, the photo-oxidative area of untreated sample is larger than sprayed samples. Results that the film forming property of PINEYE™ Emulsion locks water and defense sunburn effectively. 
The adjuvant protective layer also enhances formula effects. As a synergistic function, PINEYE™ Emulsion can improve contacting on the binding system, assists active ingredients of pesticide or fungicide infiltrating into cuticles. In the performance testing, PINEYE™ Emulsion shows better extension and infiltration performance than traditional sticker formulas. The rate of deposition is 6.6623 mg/cm2 ( Index Reference is 7.7310 mg/cm2). Adhesion shows 8.52 mN ( Index Reference is 9.72 mN). Surface tension @ 25°C shows 29.06 mN/m ( Index Reference is 30.72 mN/m) .

The advanced formula of PINEYE™ Emulsion would increase extension area when farmers mix emulsion with pesticides or fungicides, the performance is effect better than traditional formulas at 10 percent. It is forming the protective film, wetting, waterproof, permeable to gases. Which can slow down the pesticides or fungicides contents loss after raining day, and save the active ingredients on the leaf surface. Reduces numbers of spraying. Compared with other adjuvants, the performances of PINEYE™ Emulsion results better than *12%. (*The average basic value of increase production is 40% by all adjuvants.)
Foreverest have improved the refine process, the film forming compounds of PINEYE™ Emulsion alter the topography of the leaf surface, interfering with adhesion of the germtube and recognition of penetration sites. Improves the inhibition performance of appresorium, inhibit germination of plant diseases, such like wheat rust or powdery mildew.
PINEYE™ is a biobased label exports to north American, OEA, UAE, EU and AU. Kindly accepted the OEM programs and region distributors. Learn more about our business via Foreverest.cn.


Foreverest Resources is a China company has 20 years export and trading experiences on bio-based chemical raw materials. This core range focuses on gum turpentine derivatives on agrochemical application, Eco-Green, non-Toxic, specialty for agri fungicides, adjuvants, fertilizers and bio-pesticides. We support your innovation and OEM programs.

Manager: Richard Hu
Email: info@foreverest.cn
Source: AgroNews

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