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Ihara registers Fusão fungicide in Brazilqrcode

Jun. 14, 2017

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Ihara do Brasil got registration in Brazil for Fusão (tebuconazole + metominostrobin), a contact and systemic fungicide with the formulation of emulsifiable concentrate. 
The product comes as an alternative for the control of the yellow leaf spot (Drechslera tritici-repentis) on wheat.
This disease is one of the major threats to winter cereal yields in Brazil. Once detected in some producing regions in the North of Paraná due to the big volume of rains and the exposure time to dew.
According to experts, the recommendation is the application of the fungicide, once the climate allows so. Dr. Paulo Juhnem, Phytopathologist of Biotrigo Genética, was in the region of Arapongas (state of Paraná) and points out the presence of dew on leaves until 11 am in some crops. 
“There were over 18 hours of presence of leaf grinding, allied to temperatures close to 20°C throughout the day, making the environment favorable to the development of fungus that causes the yellow spot.”
“The spot is caused by a fungus that can survive in the cultural remains of the wheat and of the seeds. When infecting the wheat leaf, the fungus produces toxins that mortify the leaf tissue, reducing the photosynthesis area. The incidence is higher in moderately susceptible crops and also in crops managed by the monoculture of wheat,” he added.
According to Juhnem, the best way of preventing it is to use healthy seeds and do crop rotation, succeeding wheat with a species that is not a host for fungus on the straw. The correct application of nitrogen can also be one of the tools to contain the action of the disease.
“We have observed that crops with more soil fertility present less intensity of the leaf spot. The application of nitrogen reduces the severity of the yellow spot,” he concluded.
In soybeans, the new Ihara product is recommended for the control of Asian Rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi). It is also recommended against the Blast Fungus (Pyricularia grisea) growing on irrigated rice.
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Source: AgroNews


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