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Bayer CropScience launches “Zero-Day Application Process" for paddy fields in association with local Chinese crop protection institutionsqrcode

Jun. 12, 2017

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On June 5, 2017, in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, Bayer Crop Science and the Jiangsu Crop Protection and Plant Quarantine Station held a rice transplanting machine training workshop to present and promote the “Zero-Day Application Process,” an innovative technology to apply rice planting methods.

The Zero-Day Application Process will enable the application of pesticides to begin on the same day as the planting of rice crops, as an innovative technology that utilizes high-speed rice planting methods, safe and efficient herbicides, and a dedicated application device, enabling simultaneous mechanical transplanting and herbicide application. 
The Zero-Day Application Process will include Bayer’s novel herbicides, Council and Qiu Zhi Bao. The process will use a Kenshou-dedicated application device installed on a Kubota 6-row rice transplanter to achieve simultaneous rice transplanting and herbicide application. The term “zero day” refers to the first day of transplantation, which is the same as the transplanting day. The dedicated application device was jointly developed and produced by Bayer Crop Science and Kubota.
While lifting and transplanting rice seedlings, some seedling roots may break away and become sensitive to herbicides after transplantation. Therefore, there is a serious need for safe herbicide application on transplanting day. Rice seedlings in Northeast China are also transplanted from greenhouses to paddy fields--- another reason for seedlings becoming sensitive to herbicides after transplantation. For these reasons, farmers usually separate rice transplantation and pesticide application, consuming more labor, time and cost. Farmers will also lose the benefit of mechanized work in paddy fields. The Zero-Day Application Process will enable simultaneous rice transplanting and pesticide application, and rice transplanters can serve multiple purposes with accurate, safe and efficient applications, saving on both labor and costs. The mechanization of rice production reduces the number of applications, enhances weeding efficiency, and increases production profitability. 
Rice is one of the three staple food crops, and its quality and yield are of important significance to the people and country. Overgrown weeds in exposed paddy fields consume water, sunlight and nutrients, competing with and inhibiting the growth of rice. Weed seeds that mix with rice will also reduce rice quality. Therefore, weed control is a major issue faced by farmers. As an integral part of the Bayer “Much More Rice Solution,” the Zero-Day Application Process will provide farmers with double their normal weed control capabilities. 

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Source: AgroNews


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