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Yangnong’s registration of cyfluthrin 5.7% EC extended for peanut grub controlqrcode

Jun. 9, 2017

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Jun. 9, 2017

Yangnong’s registration of cyfluthrin 5.7% EC extended for peanut grub control

In April 2017, the product registration of Jushu (cyfluthrin 5.7% EC) of Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group was approved for extension from China’s ICAMA (Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture), for use in the prevention and control of peanut grubs. 
In recent years, peanuts have been seriously afflicted by more than 10 kinds of soil insects including grubs, wireworms, mole crickets and cut worms. This situation is getting worse with each passing year. The damage results in sparse or missing seedlings or leads to the occurrence of empty shell at harvest time, causing significant declines in yield and quality.
In the past, peanut grub control used to depend primarily on chemical control, such as the use of phoxim and isofenphos-methyl. However, isofenphos-methyl is a highly toxic pesticide and has been prohibited in many regions as it can easily create excessive pesticide residue. The lasting period of phoxim is not long enough at only about 20 days in soil. Therefore, the application requires perfect timing.  
Since 2008, peanut seed coating has become a common method of grub control, using chlorpyrifos as a coating agent. The process of seed coating is simple, labor saving and cost saving, but it is only effective during the seedling stage. It has a poor effect or no effect at all during the intermediate to final growth phase (July to August), which sees the most damage from grubs and is a crucial period for controlling peanut grubs. 
Pyrethroids are highly efficient and have a fast effect, low toxicity, and low residue. It features both contact toxicity and stomach poisoning and is a major insecticide for the prevention and control of a large variety of insect pests. Cyfluthrin is a high-activity pyrethroid insecticide with a broad insecticidal spectrum. It is particularly effective in the control of soil insects with its fast action and long lasting effect, which can exterminate insect eggs, larvae, and adult pests.
Efficacy trials show that cyfluthrin technical has evident biological activity against grubs, and its toxicity for grubs is obviously superior to chlorpyrifos EC. Besides the control of peanut grubs, the product is also effective in the control of the cornfield cutworm and vegetable root maggots.
Yangnong Chemical Group is China’s pyrethroid pesticide production base. The company’s pyrethroid product, cyfluthrin EC, is manufactured with a consistent quality and is a new choice for the control of peanut grubs.

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