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‘Hindustan Pulverising Mills’ Doing its Bit for Societyqrcode

Jun. 5, 2017

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With India becoming the fourth largest producer of agrochemicals globally, the industry has invariably become significant to the Indian economy. With an increase in demand for food grains amidst declining farmland space, there is immense pressure to improve crop productivity and reduce crop loss. A number of entrepreneurs have understood the need of the hour and are devising addressable methods in their own ingenious way. Because the agrochemical market can be competitively fierce for new entrants no matter how disruptive their technology and vision for innovation is, an established player like Hindustan Pulverising Mills (HPM) is stepping up to be their mentor in how to give back to one’s community.

With the mission of yielding prosperity to the whole world, Shri Srikisan Dass Aggarwal constituted HPM in 1979. Since its inception, the company has had a colossal impact on a number of lives from the agri sector. Their work has led to a robust liaison between all Indian states, including 7 lakh villages and 593 districts with an effective networking between 4,000 distributors, 16,000 dealers and 40,000 retailers. In some of the plantation drives HPM conducts around their 3 factories in J&K and Rajasthan, the company plants more and more trees to restore the environment, improve food security, develop a sustainable future and spread awareness among residents for a greener world. HPM also conducts education drives throughout the year. These are basic literacy drives in which students of all ages including adults are taught how to read and write in Hindi and English.

HPM aids agro innovation and farmers

HPM is now one of the foremost pesticide manufacturers with presence in 28 countries across 3 continents, offering more than 100 formulations and combinations globally. Formulations like emulsifiable concentrate (EC); wettable powder (WP); soluble liquid (SL) concentrate; soluble powder (SP); suspension concentrate (SC) and ultra low volume (ULV) are rendered with several United Nations approved packaging. Along with their own R&D for agrochemical formulas, HPM owns the most promising technical inventory that is not easily accessible in the market.

Chairman of HPM, Shri Ashok Aggarwal, shares “Our line of new formulations will help the low income farmer as they will protect crop from failure. The chemicals conserve water or require less water. The plant growth regulators also increase the yield. A very wide range of fungal diseases and pests in crops are also protected by our formulations.

Every new business while focusing on maximum profitability must also pay heed to their responsibility towards agriculture and community welfare. To this effect HPM regularly organizes plantation drives, sanitation drives and education drives in the rural areas near its production facilities, warehouses and major centers of consumption."

Increased globalization has widened the reach of the Indian agro industry in the international arena. They even make extensive use of IT innovations to harness the market abroad. Sizeable international operations have made them a significant international player in the agrochemical industry.

HPM is indeed aspirational for those startups and entrepreneurs wanting to enter the agroeconomy. If entrepreneurial spirit is characterized by innovation and risk-taking, then those willing to startup should also be daring enough to take proactive decisions on how to reach out to better the farming sector so that better farming ideas can be reaped to make India a leading farming community.

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