Sales of Nissan Chemical’s Agricultural Chemical segment rose by 9.4% to 51,952 million yen in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2017. Operating income was 13,201 million yen, up by 21.9%.
The sales of the company’s new paddy rice herbicide “ALTAIR” (metazosulfuron) increased in both of domestic and overseas. As a whole, the sales increased due to the expansion of “ROUNDUP” (glyphosate ) and the launch of cereal, soybean herbicide “TREFANOCIDE” (trifluralin). Furthermore, the shipment of Fluralaner (the active substance of veterinary medical product) fairly expanded. The company highlighted that the Agricultural Chemical segment is transforming from a stable profit sector into a high growth sector driven by these products.
Nissan estimates domestic sales of all major products down in FY 2017 due to a change in domestic shipment and pricing policies resulting in one-time sales shift from 2H FY2017 to 1Q FY 2018 (¥1.4billion). Export sales of Fluralaner, PERMIT, PULSOR, LEIMAY, SANMITE will up.