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Semios aerosol pheromone receives DPR label approvalqrcode

Favorites Print May. 16, 2017
Semios recently received label approval from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and Environmental Protection Agency for a pheromone product to control California Red Scale in citrus.

“CRS Plus” is a biopesticide product that disrupts the mating of Aonidiella aurantii, also known as California Red Scale (CRS).

CRS attacks citrus twigs, leaves, branches, and the fruit. Heavy infestations can cause quality downgrades to fruit. In high numbers, CRS can cause yellowing and drop of leaves, dieback of twigs and limbs, and even death of the tree.

The Semios CRS Plus solution is delivered via the company’s internet-of-things (IoT) platform as variable rate mating disruption. Approximately 1 tablespoon per acre of these pheromone ingredients needs to be delivered over an entire season, based on the insect growth cycles. To achieve this, the CRS Plus product is delivered on-demand by remotely controlled dispensers.

Semios offers a precision farming platform that provides real-time crop data and pest management tools for the tree fruit, nut and grape growers.

Favorites Print
Source: Semios


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