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New Zealand issued Red Alert to ban chlorothalonil use outside of the workplaceqrcode

May. 11, 2017

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The New Zealand EPA recently issued Red Alert to ban chlorothalonil use outside of the workplace.

•    Revoke four approvals for chlorothalonil-containing formulations used as home garden fungicides and available for sale to the general public
•    Retain a fifth approval for chlorothalonil-containing formulations but modify it to include tighter controls on its use, confining it for use by trained and certified commercial operators in workplace settings only.

Chlorothalonil is a broad spectrum, non-systemic pesticide commonly used as a fungicide to control fungal leaf diseases in vegetables, turf and ornamental crops. It is acutely toxic (particularly if inhaled) and there are concerns over its potential to cause longer term adverse health effects in humans. It is classified as a suspected carcinogen to humans.

It is important to note that there is no exhaustive list of products currently being imported into New Zealand, or manufactured here under these four approvals. However, the EPA is aware of the following products which, in accordance with the EPA’s decision, can no longer be imported or manufactured in New Zealand after 11 May 2017. They will be banned from sale to anybody in New Zealand from 11 November 2017*:

•    Yates Bravo
•    Yates Greenguard
•    Yates Guardall
•    Tui Disease Eliminator for Fruit & Veges

A fifth approval has been retained and tighter controls added so that products can be used only by trained and certified commercial operators (ie they have been safety-trained in this specific class of chemical and have a certificate) in a workplace setting only. This approval is known by the EPA to apply to the following products*:

•    McGregor’s Black Spot and Fungus Spray
•    Watkins Fungus and Mildew Spray
•    Taratek 5F

The effect of the decision relating to the fifth approval is:

•    Cannot be sold  to anybody other than trained and certified commercial operators, for use in workplace settings only, from 11 November 2017
•    Manufacturers and importers must re-label and revise classifications and controls as soon as practicable and by 6 April 2018 at the latest
•    Products supplied after 6 April 2018 must be labelled as set out in the new classifications and controls.

*These products are named in the decision document . It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list, only the products of which the EPA is currently aware. There may be other products being imported into or manufactured in New Zealand under the approvals.

If you are in doubt about whether a product contains chlorothalonil, you should check the product label or ask the supplier.

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