By Think Real - In March 2017, China’s Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau announced a pass regarding the approval check on a 1,200 t/a glufosinate-ammonium technical production line and a 1,000 t/a picloram technical production line of Yongnong BioSciences.
In 2015, Yongnong BioSciences started constructing a 3,380 t/a pesticide technical project and meanwhile technologically reconstructed its pesticide technical production lines which were under operation. The total investment amounted to USD60.9 million, of which USD6.4 million was for environmental protection. Reportedly, its new pesticide technical project covered glufosinate-ammonium, picloram, clopyralid, florasulam and glufosinate-ammonium concentrate.
The construction of the 1,200 t/a glufosinate-ammonium technical and the 1,000 t/a picloram technical production lines were finished and were approved in the check. Hence, as of March 2017, Yongnong BioSciences had 2,400 t/a and 1,200 t/a production capacity for glufosinate-ammonium technical and picloram technical.

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