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−− Interview with Dirk Vandenhirtz, CEO of the Zasso Group

Apr. 19, 2017

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Zasso Group: Focus on Electroherb technology

Zasso Group specializes in key weed and invasive plant control technologies by using high-voltage electric power, recently rolled out new corporate video on its advanced Digital Herbicide solutions. Accordingly, AgroPages has recently had a micro interview with Dirk Vandenhirtz CEO of the Zasso Group, who shared his viewpoints on the company’s team background, Electroherb solutions’ application & launch situation and its global promotion plans etc.

Q. Could you please briefly introduce Zasso Group  and its team background?

The Zasso Group is based in Switzerland with production facilities in Brazil and Germany. The company developed the Electroherb technology in Brazil where it already has clients.
Myself I am biologist, graduated from the RWTH University Aachen and am CEO of the Zasso Group. I am also manager at the Doxa Group AG, an investment fund based in Liechtenstein.

Our CTO in Germany is Matthias Eberius. Mr. Eberius has been involved in agro-innovation for more than 20 years, leading major developments in technologies for plant breeders. Sergio Coutinho is the CEO of Zasso Brasil, the group’s Brazilian unit. He was CEO of Sayyou a Brazilian company that joined Zasso Group last year.
Q. Could you please introduce Electroherb technology and its applicaiton and launch/extension situation, as well as its advantages?

Zasso’s proprietary Electroherb technology destroys both the shoots and the even more critical roots of plants by employing high-voltage charges. Electric applicators, designed by Zasso, run high-energy and high frequency power through the whole plant, clearing targeted areas accurately within seconds and keeping them free of plants for months without side effects such as chemical residues, chemical drift and resulting plant damages, soil erosion, damages to infrastructure caused by mechanical elimination. As a result, regrowth in the target areas, after Zasso’s treatment, occurs only though seeds.
These powerful lightweight systems deliver robust results without requiring any agro-toxics making it safe for the environment, the infrastructure and the people who live in the target regions. Its versatility allows the Electroherb to be used in several different environments such as cities, farms and forests.
The health hazards of widely used herbicides are under worldwide scientific and political scrutiny. In some cases the risk of cancer-causing effects can no longer be excluded. Our technology can significantly promote a healthier life and environment by avoiding all these dangerous and unsafe chemical herbicides.
Apart from being safe, the Eletroherb technology is also viable being almost 20 times more productive than manual invasive plant control methods, and it costs almost half as much and its results last for longer periods. For instance in the urban environment, an area would probably need to go through the weed control process every two months. With the Electroherb this period goes up to three months.
Q. What are the global promotion plans in the future?
Our technology has a widespread use not only for large farms and municipal governments but also for private consumers so well. We intend to focus our business in these two fronts: B2B (agriculture companies, local governments, roads and railroads operators) and B2C with our solutions focused on private individuals. We believe that the Electroherb units have the potential of being on millions of households worldwide.
Our B2C line is still under development and for that, we also rely on feedback from our current clients and partners. They provide us with valuable feedback on our Electroherb technology so we can keep perfecting it to cater for their needs and those of our future products.

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Source: AgroNews


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