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Opposition asks Spanish govt to speed up agrochemical registrationqrcode

Apr. 17, 2017

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    Agriculture spokesperson of Spanish Socialist Party in the Senate Elena Víboras has demanded that the government “speed up, recognize and simplify the procedures for registration of agrochemical products with the goal to help the economy of the country and improve the competitiveness of farmers.”
    In a statement, the Party explained that Víboras made the petition after receiving an alert “on the administrative and bureaucratic complexity, as well as the lack of coordination between different administrations.”
    The senator explained that the agrochemical products were “each time more essential to achieve a rapid increase in agricultural production that is necessary, and it should be compatible and obligatory with the advance of a more sustainable agriculture and rational use of agrochemical products, essential for agricultural activity, the conventional production, as well as the integrated production.”
    She added that it was fundamental to enable the newest agrochemicals and adequate tools for the effective and secure protection of the crops, it being “a key factor to guarantee a competitive agrarian production in the 21st century.” 
    Víboras pointed out that Spain “cannot lose competitiveness” and claimed that it was a leader in Europe in several products.
    “We are the first producers in the world of olive oil and to continue to be, we need these tools and the pesticide products play a fundamental and key role,” she stressed. There is a systemic problem in the procedure of registration of pesticide products that lasts a long time and we think that “it could be resolved” in a faster way with more coordination among different administrations, she noted.
    Therefore, she pointed out, that the ministries must intervene in this process, and the people responsible in various administrations must recognize that “the system is not working as it should.” 
    She assured that the only way that this would work better would be “with more coordination, more technical personnel and more sensibility and responsibility.” 
    Besides this, she suggested that the Ministry of Health delegate more functions to the Ministry of Agriculture.
    The Socialist speaker argued that it was not good that Spain had fallen behind its top competitors in the registration of agrochemicals: “It takes 60 months, that is, five years, compared to 12 months in the United Kingdom; 15 months in France; 17 months in the Netherlands and 30 months in Germany.”
    Lamenting that Spaniards were “the last of the last,” Víboras said that this posed a clear “comparative grievance” for the Spanish farmers in the context of European competitors who have the new tools and most innovative products available.
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    Source: AgroNews


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