Zasso, global specialist in key weed and invasive plant control technologies, displayed its electrical weeding solutions at the 2017 World Agri-Tech innovation summit, held in San Francisco, USA. The event gathers international stakeholders dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture in both developed and developing markets.
“It was the perfect event for us to show our innovative Electroherb technology”, highlighted Zasso Group’s CEO Dirk Vandenhirtz.
Zasso’s technology gathered the attention of top executives from the most important agriculture companies in the world and of the most relevant option makers of the sector.
“Our technology definitely made a positive impact in the event. We’ve got lots of queries from a wide range of executives”, highlighted Sergio Coutinho, CTO of the Zasso Group.
Zasso’s digital herbicide technology destroys both the shoots and the even more critical roots of plants by employing high-voltage charges. These powerful lightweight systems deliver robust results without requiring any chemical agro-toxics making it safe for the environment, the infrastructure and the people who live in the target regions.