Schneider Electric recently announced it has signed an agreement for the sale of Telvent DTN to TBG AG, a private holding headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, focusing on critical business information services and high added value industrial niches. The transaction is based on an enterprise value of $900 million (€840 million).
Telvent DTN is a leader in providing information services, supply chain connectivity tools and decision support solutions in agricultural, energy and environmental industries. It was consolidated under the Infrastructure division of the group and recorded revenues of $213 million. The transaction values the business at 17x its adjusted EBITA in Schneider Electric 2016 accounts. Telvent DTN was acquired by Schneider Electric through the €1.4 billion acquisition of Telvent in 2011, and the strategic review launched last year concluded that the unit was not a core offering for the group.
Following the Telvent DTN disposal and adding the disposals of other non-core units from Telvent (Transportation, IT services) made in the past two years, the total disposals amount to €1 billion. From the Telvent acquisition, the group will retain a leading portfolio of technologies for advanced grid management, pipeline management, geographical information systems and SCADA, generating revenues of more than €200 million in 2016 and growing high single digit.
The agreement is conditional upon the satisfaction of certain regulatory conditions and customary closing conditions. The transaction is expected to complete in Q2 2017, at which point the group will clarify how it intends to use the proceeds of the transaction.

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Have a China Field Visit, to Explore the Opportunity of Chinese Agchem Market !

In 2015, the Chinese government put forward the Pesticide & Fertilizer-use Zero Growth program, for which a series of supportive policies were released. The program set a new requirement for the supply of environment-friendly products and the provision of advanced agricultural technology for application towards crop protection and crop nutrition services. It will also have a profound effect on the Chinese agrochemical market structure in the future.

At the request of some of our readers, AgroPages is planning to organize a China field visit for enterprises interested in the Chinese agrochemical market. Enterprises, including but not limited to green crop protection product vendors, agrotechnical service providers and precision agriculture-oriented enterprises can participate in the field visit. 
We will arrange meetings with Chinese agrotechnical promotion agencies and prime distributors, as well as organize interviews with farmers and major growers, so that enterprises can understand the needs of the market and explore the available business opportunities. China is vast, with diversified structure of cultivation. To better fulfill your expectations from the Chinese market, you are kindly requested to take part in the following survey to enable us to schedule this business trip to your satisfaction.
  1. 1. Would you consider attending such an investigation group?
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    • Won't attend now, but will attend next year
  2. 2. What would you like to know about the Chinese agrichemical industry during this visit?
    • Agri-inputs Supply Position
    • Crop Plantation
    • Pesticides and Fertilizers Registration
    • Distribution
    • Partner Selection
    • Policy and Regulation
    • Other(Please specify)
  3. 3. Which company/organization would you like to visit or hold a meeting with during this visit?
    • Agriculture Technology and Popularization Center
    • Agri-inputs manufacturer
    • Agri-inputs distributor
    • Large-scale grower
    • Pesticide and Fertilizer Registration Department/Agent
    • Other(Please specify)
  4. 4. When would be the most convenient time for you to attend the investigation group?
    • June
    • July
    • August
    • November
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  5. 5. Briefly introduce your company and business?
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