Nichino America, Inc. and Kyoyu Agri Co., Ltd. have announced a licensing agreement for Nichino to market and sell pyraclonil, a rice herbicide , in the United States.
Pyraclonil offers a new mode-of-action for excellent control of watergrass in rice in California where Nichino is planning to obtain the product’s first registration in the United States.  In addition, it provides long-lasting preemergence control on multiple sedge species and broadleaf weeds. 
“This agreement between Nichino America and Kyoyu Agri is particularly exciting for Nichino.   We have the opportunity to commercialize the largest rice herbicide in Japan here in the U.S.,” says Jeffrey Johnson, President of Nichino America.  “This new mode-of-action will offer rice growers an important tool in controlling watergrass and is an alternative solution to products that are displaying resistance.  With the excellent watergrass control and the added benefit of activity on sedges and broadleaf weeds, pyraclonil will be a preferred product for rice growers in California,” says Johnson.