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Canada issued re-evaluation plan for insecticide tebufenozideqrcode

Apr. 7, 2017

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Apr. 7, 2017
Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has issued a re-evaluation project plan for insecticide tebufenozide. 
Tebufenozide is registered for control of larval Lepidoptera (in other words, butterflies and moths). It is registered for use on terrestrial and greenhouse food crops, greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals, and for forest and woodlots management. As of 7 January 2017, there are one technical grade product and two end-use products registered for use in Canada.
Under the authority of section 16 of the Pest Control Products Act, the registrant of tebufenozide was notified of the initiation of the re-evaluation of tebufenozide. Following this, the registrant of tebufenozide technical grade active ingredient in Canada indicated its support of all uses included on the labels of end use products in Canada.
The re-evaluation project plan below outlines the timeline, the anticipated areas of focus for the risk assessments, and the data requirements for the re-evaluation of tebufenozide.
Anticipated Re-evaluation Timeline
The re-evaluation of tebufenozide is defined as a Category 1 as described in DIR2016-04, Management of Pesticides Re-evaluation Policy, which was adopted on 1 December 2016. However, because this re-evaluation was initiated prior to the publication of DIR2016-04, the proposed re-evaluation decision for tebufenozide is anticipated to be published for consultation by February 2019. The re-evaluation timeline may be updated if, during the risk assessment, the PMRA identifies additional areas of focus that should be considered.
Human Health Risk Assessment
New assessments will be conducted for toxicology and dietary exposure. Existing assessments with minor updates are considered to be adequate to support the re-evaluation of tebufenozide for the other aspects of human health assessment.
Environmental Risk Assessment
New assessments will be conducted for environmental fate, water modelling and exposure.
Data Requirements
The PMRA has identified the need for the technical registrant to provide data for tebufenozide related to toxicology and environment. Relevant data/studies have been requested from the technical registrant. In addition, information regarding the registered use pattern has been requested from the registrants, to inform the risk assessments.

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