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Mar. 30, 2017

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Mar. 30, 2017

Dacotech Strategic Cooperation Agreement executed by Hebei Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology and SDS Biotech 

A kick-off meeting for strategic cooperation between Hebei Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and SDS Biotech K.K. for the sale of fungicide Dacotech® (chlorothalonil 40% SC) was held successfully on March 26 in Beijing.
The ceremony drew partner distributors of Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology from Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Fujian and Hainan etc. provinces.
According to the agreement, Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology has been designated as China’s exclusive Dacotech sub-packaging enterprise and regional distribution agent. Besides Dacotech, the top management of the two companies also expressed their intentions for further cooperation in the next stage regarding research of Dacotech mixtures and other new products.
Dacotech has several kinds of packages including 1L, 500 ml, 100 ml and 20 ml.
According to Masaji Kinoshita, General Manager of Overseas Division of SDS Biotech and Dr. Norman Lai, General Manager of SDS (Shanghai) Biotech  (subsidiary of SDS Biotech K.K. in China), it has been five decades since chlorothalonil was commercialized by SDS Biotech in1969.The product still remains a mainstay protective fungicide due to its unique action mechanism and no resistance issue, being widely applied to control fungi diseases, such as early blight, leaf spot, downy mildew and late blight on tomatoes, peanuts, cucumbers and potatoes crops. It is an important tool in fungicide resistance management.
Masaji Kinoshita (left), General Manager of Overseas Division of SDS Biotech and Dr. Norman Lai (right), General Manager of SDS (Shanghai) Biotech.
Dacotech is a trademark of SDS Biotech for chlorothalonil, which used to grant Syngenta the right to use the trademark for the product chlorothalonil 75% WP. In 2016, SDS Biotech withdrew the right of use. Later on, the trademark was used only for chlorothalonil 40% SC. 
According to Kinoshita, after the formulation of chlorothalonil was changed from powder to suspension concentrate and with the application of high-efficient adjuvant technology, the product was upgraded to a significantly high level in all aspects. Concerning product formulation, the suspension concentrate is free of dust and can be easily handled, which greatly enhances operational safety. Furthermore, the high suspension stability of diluted Dacotech makes operation more convenient and in the meantime enhances efficacy.
The high-end grinding technique makes the chlorothalonil technical particle finer, which can be filled in the plant foliage stoma to enable a better effect. The use of a unique adjuvant technology brings about two special features: 1) the low surface tension enables the folium to be covered 100 percent by the product, which forms a uniform protective film on the crop surface to reduce ingress of baneful fungi; 2) the high adhesiveness greatly enhances the tenacity of the product against rain wash, thus achieving a long-lasting effect. Kinoshita told journalist from AgroPages that the use of the unique adjuvant technology allows Dacotech to be mixed with the vast majority of insecticides or fungicides, and even brings synergistic effect to other products.
Lan Guizhao, the manager of business unit of Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology explaining the company’s sales strategy for Dacotech in China
According to Lan Guizhao, manager of a business unit of Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology, Dacotech has been on sale in China for 20 years, and this brand is highly recognized by Chinese farmers. 
Today, with the application of higher product standards and more excellent effect, Dacotech is expected to continue its role of leadership in the Chinese chlorothalonil market. Following the initiation of cooperation, Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology will deploy its expert sales team throughout China to serve Dacotech’s primary market and will also establish a Dacotech-dedicated special demonstration and promotion team.
Chen Yulong, Chairman of Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology gave a presentation on the history and future development prospects of the company.
Chen Yulong, Chairman of Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology also delivered a presentation on the future cooperation strategy with SDS Biotech saying, “The cooperation on Dacotech between the two companies is just the first step of our cooperation; coming up next we are preparing to cooperate with SDS Biotech for research into the possibility of more chlorothalonil mixtures, and will unfold our cooperation for more products, such as the herbicide benzobicyclon and the 97% mineral oil.”
In addition to making presentations on the advantages of Dacotech, the two companies have also reached a high degree of common understanding on the issue of user service, accompanied with the supply of Dacotech. Kinoshita said, “As a pesticide company, farmers are end-users, and it is our mission to make farmers happy.”
Meanwhile, Mr. Chen Yulong said, “Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology will commit more resources to services; we will fully support primary distributors in the promotion of Dacotech, and will walk into farm fields to guide farmers for applications in a scientific and safe manner.” 
Chen further said, “The business philosophy of our two companies highly fits with each other, and the strength of the two companies are mutually recognized, which has increased our confidence in the coming promotion and development of Dacotech in Chinese market.”
Ceremony for Dacotech dealership authorization
About Hebei Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology

Hebei Zhongtian Bangzheng Biotechnology Ltd. was founded in 2003 and was listed on the Tianjin Equity Exchange in May 2013 (stock code: 613030). The main business scope of the company covers insecticides, fungicides, acaricides, herbicides and plant growth regulators. It is a designated pesticide manufacturer as approved by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a designated sub-packaging enterprise of Sumitomo Chemical, the exclusive Dacotech sub-packaging and sales enterprise for SDS Biotech, a Chinese national high-tech enterprise, a Hebei provincial famous trade name company and Hebei’s top 10 famous brand company. The company has been on the list of China’s Top 100 Pesticide Manufacturers for three consecutive years. At present, the company has acquired 120 Mu of land for factory expansion; so far standard factory spread over 50,000 square meters has been built, enabling the company to become an environmental formulation manufacturer with a most advanced environment-friendly production line and corollary equipment in North China.

About SDS Biotech K.K.

SDS Biotech K.K. was founded in 1968, and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company is engaged in research and development, production and marketing of pesticide and specialty chemicals, with annual sales of some $150 million. The company also owns the Tsukuba Research & Technology Center (for design & synthesis of new active compounds, new formulation development and environmental analysis), the Minori Experiment Station (for screening and evaluation of candidate compounds, data generation and field trial, soil residue analysis), the chlorothalonil processing plant in Yokohama, as well as branches in Korea, China and India to support raw material procurement and sales of end products.
Source: AgroNews

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