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Earth Alive partners with Tata Steel Canada on soil reclamation project using microbial fertilizerqrcode

Mar. 13, 2017

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Mar. 13, 2017

Earth Alive partners with Tata Steel Canada on soil reclamation project using microbial fertilizer

Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. recently announced that it would initiate an application program of the company’s Soil Activator at Tata Steel Minerals Canada (TSMC) Sheafferville mining site.
This strategic soil reclamation project with TSMC aims to demonstrate the ability of Soil Activator to facilitate the revegetation of disturbed soils by mining operations.
Michael Warren, V.P of the Ag Division of Earth Alive stated, “There is a growing concern regarding the ecological integrity of disturbed mining lands around the world. Revegetating these soils reduces erosion and re-establishes biodiversity. The application of Earth Alive’s Soil Activator will help mining sites restore the soil and help to re-introduce biological activity, nutrient cycling, and conserve soil moisture.”
“Using both our EA1 Dust Control technology, and our Soil Activator Fertilizer technology in one ecosystem represents a unique opportunity to expand our relationship with TSMC,” said David Gilmour, CEO of Earth Alive. “This soil reclamation project is perfectly aligned with our company’s mission of improving the economic benefits of using environmentally sustainable practices in global mining and agricultural operations. The successful outcome of this program is far reaching and has significant potential economic, environmental and health benefits for both the mining companies, and the communities in which they operate around the world.”
About Soil Activator
Soil Activator is a patent-pending biofertilizer and biostimulant designed for organic and conventional agriculture. It is composed of a blend of naturally-occurring soil microorganisms with a proprietary synergistic active. It does not contain genetically modified organisms or chemically synthesized materials.

The multiple modes of action offered by Earth Alive Soil Activator produce more vigorous growth and higher yields, resulting in more sustainable agricultural practices and increased profitability for growers.
About EA1
EA1 is a patent-pending microbial dust control technology that abates dust by using specifically selected microbial strains to aggregate dust particles in the soil and preven them from becoming airborne. The EA1 microbial dust control technology is the only organically approved dust control product in the world. It reduces water use by upwards of 80%, and it eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals to abate dust. EA1 poses no risk to the environment at large, or for ground water sources. EA1 generates substantial cost savings for mining operations, and allows these operations to control dust more efficiently, with an environmentally sustainable approach. 
Source: Earth Alive

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