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Bayer launches COPeO™ Prime seed treatment in USqrcode

Feb. 23, 2017

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Growers in US who choose Stoneville® and FiberMax® cotton seed varieties now benefit from additional nematode protection. COPeO™ Prime nematicide from Bayer brings a new mode of action to cotton seed treatments, and is now available exclusively on Stoneville and FiberMax varieties.
COPeO Prime protects cotton roots from all species of plant parasitic nematodes, including root-knot and reniform nematodes. This enables growers to produce cotton with healthier roots and more uniform plant stands and height, and ultimately helps realize the full yield potential of their varieties. COPeO Prime provides added protection to both susceptible and nematode-tolerant seed varieties, making it a good fit for any nematode management program.

“We have tested COPeO Prime extensively over the last four years in different locations across the cotton belt and we were able to consistently demonstrate higher yields. While individual results varied by geography and nematode pressure we have seen an average benefit of up to 45 lbs lint/A,” says Bayer Product Manager Frank Rittemann. “Growers like the convenience seed treatments offer, and by adding COPeO Prime to our portfolio Bayer provides cotton growers with a complete seed treatment protection package of fungicides, insecticides and nematicides.”
Growers can add a second effective mode of action for nematodes by pairing COPeO Prime with Aeris® insecticide/nematicide. Additionally, Aeris provides up to four weeks of protection from many early season pests and is currently the only solution on the market with two effective modes of action against thrips, making it a perfect fit for resistance management.
To round out the broadest seed protection package in the industry use Trilex® Advanced Fungicide for protection against a broad range of cotton seedling diseases, including Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Phythium and Thielaviopsis basicola.
COPeO Prime is part of the standard seed treatment package on all Stoneville varieties in 2017. It is available as a premium seed treatment for FiberMax varieties in a package with Aeris and Trilex Advanced.

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