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Brazil granted label expansion for Dow’s Delegate® insecticideqrcode

Feb. 21, 2017

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Dow AgroSciences has just obtained label expansion for its insecticide Delegate® (spinetoram) in Brazil. Delegate® has been approved to control of Asian citrus psyllids (Diaphorina citri).
The product, aimed at the market of fruits and vegetables already offered multi-combinations for the control of 32 different pests in 44 crops and now also combats Diaphorina citri.
The psyllid is an insect that transmits greening (Huanglongbing/HLB), the major disease on citrus. The trees, if contaminated when young, do not produce fruits, while the adults suffer significant production loss. The groves with high incidence of diseases should be eliminated as a way to reduce new infestations on healthy groves.
Recently, the Citrus Defense Fund (Fundecitrus) held a survey pointing out that 17.89 percent of the orange trees in the state of São Paulo and the region of Triangle of Minas Gerais suffer from greening, a disease that compromises the yields. The number corresponds to 35 million sick plants in the field, being 44 percent of those present severe symptoms, which means a production loss around 50 percent of the affected trees due to the early fall of the fruits and a reduction of their sizes.
“The biology of the psyllid makes it hard to control because the life cycle of psyllid, depending on the temperature, can reach 15 days with 20 generations in a year. Besides, the female can produce up to 800 eggs per cycle,” explains Gabriel Dornelas, a researcher at Dow AgroSciences.
With the extension of the Delegate package, the citrus grower now relies on a new innovative option for the better management of the psyllid at the grove reducing financial losses and the greening transmission for the healthy groves.
“Delegate has a different mode of action in the citrus crop because it allies high performance and extended residue. The high number of applications through the year and the few options of control available in the market result in a very dangerous combination for the increase of pressure on the selection of resistant individuals. Therefore, it becomes a fundamental tool for resistance management and the integrate pest management,” affirms André Baptista, marketing manager for citrus and fruits and vegetables at Dow AgroSciences.
A winner of the Presidential Green Chemistry Award, Delegate was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as one of the most innovative and sustainable green technologies in the world.

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