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Argentina will implement tougher sanctions for illegal uses of seedsqrcode

Jan. 9, 2017

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The Argentinian government has warned that it will “increase the severity of punishments” against farmers and companies found selling and planting illegal seeds.

President of the National Institute of Seeds (Inase), Raimundo Lavignolle, while issuing this warning, also assured that the agency is “focusing on combating the illegality, and reinforcing actions of enforcement” in 2017.

“We made the sanctions even tougher mostly in the second quarter of 2016. If the punishment is not exemplary, the correctional function will not be fulfilled. We need punishments to be exemplary,” affirmed Lavignolle.

The director explained that throughout this year the institute will double its efforts to increase the control of the seed sector as well as producers, storekeepers and even the industries. In order to do so, he promised to implement informative actions and impose intelligent enforcement.

“We want to remind everyone that producers who purchase inspected seeds that are packaged will be assured of guarantee and quality. If they calculate the advantages, the quality of the seed always pays off. There is no good crop unless the best seed is planted,” Lavignolle stated.

Inase received the support of the Argentinian Ministry of Agribusiness for enforcing its activities with a budget increase of 200 million pesos for 2017.

“We detected the production of illegal hybrids and the guilty were found and punished. Even the hybrids we discovered by mistake will be investigated and the producers will be punished,” he promised.

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