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mOasis Technology Hits New Milestone in Nutrient Managementqrcode

−− Company validates BountiGel soil amendment.

Favorites Print Jan. 3, 2017
mOasis recently announced that lab testing results have validated grower feedback that using its BountiGel soil amendment preserves nitrate levels around a plant’s root systems.
Nitrate moving off site, either through run-off or leaching, is one of the major issues affecting production agriculture. From the Great Lakes, to the Chesapeake Bay, to the Gulf of Mexico, and to municipal and private wells in the Midwest, off site movement of nitrogen and other fertilizers is threatening water supplies globally. Growers throughout California, Arizona and Mexico are incorporating BountiGel into their operations, where the product has enabled irrigation reductions of up to 20% and yield increases of 10% or more. Additionally, many growers have reported that in addition to their water savings, they are applying less nitrogen at the same time, something mOasis validated in the recent lab testing.
Dr. Nai-Hong Li, Chief Science Officer of mOasis, stated, “We’re very pleased to confirm in lab tests what our customers have been telling us in the field; BountiGel helps retain nitrates around the plant’s root system.” Dr. Li’s lab findings demonstrated that in commercial production simulated soil column tests, soil treated with BountiGel had average root zone nitrate levels 268% higher than in untreated soil.
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Source: mOasis


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