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Organic acaricide, declared of interest by the Senate of the Nation in Argentinaqrcode

Dec. 26, 2016

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Aluen CAP eliminates up to 95 percent of Varroa destructor, a pest occurring worldwide. 
The first of its kind, Aluen CAP was obtained by the Cooperativa de Trabajo Apícola Pampero and Pampero Chamber of Beekeepers, with INTA Bordenave. 
Its launch triggered demand in many countries.
Organic acaricide was declared an entity of interest by the Senate of the Nation.
Cooperativa de Trabajo Apícola Pampero and the Pampero Beekeepers Chamber, together with technicians from INTA Bordenave's Cambio Rural II program, developed Aluen CAP, the world's first variea-based acaricide against varroa, which removes almost all parasites from the main Beekeeping pest - with an efficiency greater than 95 percent - and is low cost. 
Its launch triggered demand for the product in many countries and warranted the Senate of the Nation to grant it a distinction. It was declared an innovation of interest.
This project began in 2010 with the aim to dispense with the use of synthetic products.
According to the Senate provision, organic acaricide - whose efficacy exceeds more than 30 percent of other products in the market - is "a great scientific discovery that is unique in its characteristics and attracted the attention of the rest of the world." 
In addition, "the invention hides a history of effort, dedication and group work, solidarity and interdisciplinary approach."
As confirmed by the technician, in February, the cooperative began selling the innovative product in Argentina and contracts began to be signed.
The diversity of environments and genetic variability of honey bees in the country, as well as the need to reduce the use of synthetic acaricides, with appearance of resistance to some active principles, required the evaluation of organic acaricide. 
In this context, INTA's National Beekeeping Program created a network of experimental apiaries - distributed in subtropical, temperate and arid Patagonian climates with different bee ecotypes in more than 450 beehives - and developed a protocol for evaluating input formulations.
In the case of Aluen CAP, faster and more practical in relation to other products, "the results showed that it had excellent acaricidal efficacy with very low variability. Also, no adverse effects were observed on the bees’ population nor on breeding," INTA Rafaela technicians said. 
In the framework of the network, other organic acaricides such as Oxavar and Natural Var were also evaluated.
For the technicians, these experiences provide sufficient data to promote an integrated management of varroasis, which combines good management practices and the use of products of biological origin.
This strategy allows controlling bee diseases and minimizing the use of costly chemical principles that are hazardous to hive products and generate resistance development.
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