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How RLF Specialty Fertilisers are shaping successful outcomes of Sugarcane in Chinaqrcode

Nov. 1, 2016

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Sugarcane is one of most important cash crops in the south parts of China. In recently RLF Specialty Fertilisers has carryied out good plant nutrition plan in the district of Panyu in Guangdon Province, China.
How the Fertiliser was Used
The cane farmer started by applying Plant Milk High-N during the seedling stage, then changed to Plant Milk High-K when the crop was more advanced (in all, on five occasions). He then followed up with three applications of Ultra Foliar Fruits & Veggies Plus. He added a jin* of each of the Plant Milk products for each application, and coordinated the final three applications with the foliar spraying schedule. The Control crop followed normal practice for the particular growing region.
Interim Results
Even though the following photo images were taken in the early to middle stages of the growth of the crop, the trend was being established and the farmer was very pleased with the progress of his trial. He reported the following comparisons :

Summarising the Trial so far
RLF's Sales Manager for the region will continue to monitor this sugarcane trial with interest.  He intends to talk again with the farmer to see exactly what outcomes have been achieved when the crop matures just prior to harvest. Plant Milk and Ultra Foliar Fruits & Veggies Plus products have proved themselves a successful combination for sugarcane in China.
Information About the Products Used
Plant Milk High-N
This is a specialised product for fertigation and irrigation and contains 11 essential nutrients, chelates, soluble carbohydrates, phosphorylated metabolites and organic compounds that are readily consumed by soil micro-organisms in order to stimulate soil biological activity and generate enhanced crop health. Plant Milk High-N is used in the early seedling stages for many crop types, and ensures greater plant protection, increased growth and improved yield qualities. This is a highly effective method of delivery of nutrient to the plant via the root structure.
Plant Milk High-K
Also a specialised product for furrow injection or irrigation. It contains 6 essential nutrients, chelates, soluble carbohydrates, phosphorylated metabolites and organic compounds, and is used as the crop moves from early to later stage growth. It provides the plant with the elements it needs at that particular time of development. Both Plant Milks (High-N and High-K) are easy on equipment. Both are quality solutions, easy to mix, quick to disperse and friendly on irrigation equipment.
Ultra Foliar Fruits & Veggies Plus 
This product is a versatile High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution (HBS) that delivers the optimum amount of 12 nutrients with one application. It is highly concentrated and applies the nutrient through the leaf.  Because of this UF Fruits & Veggies Plus endows the plant with the ability to guard against soil nutrient variability and deficiency and ensures greater plant protection, increased growth and improved yield qualities. It is considerably more efficient because the formulation is absorbed directly through the leaf cell walls and into the plant for its immediate use.  Unlike other foliar products it is not inhibited by the need to access the plant via the stomata.  This gives significant benefits including : 1) Increased yield; 2) Improved quality and nutritional value ; 3) Greater handling of environmental conditions ; 4) Stronger plants to resist disease ; 5) Buffering from the effects of crop protection chemicals; 6) Improved uptake of nutrients from the soil.

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