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Analysis of Chinese Pesticide Export to Southeast Asia & India in H1 2016qrcode

Oct. 25, 2016

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Southeast Asia

● According to census of Chinese Customs Administration, total pesticide export of 2016 1H was 730,000 tons with a value of $1.958 billion, 30% of which (191,000 tons at $584 million) was exported to Southeast Asia. 
● Pesticide export quantity of 2016 1H to Southeast Asia increased 11% YOY (172,000 tons last year). 
● Pesticide export value of 2016 1H to Southeast Asia decreased 6% YOY ($621 million last year). 
● In terms of export value, top 5 countries of Southeast Asia include Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, accounting for 92.7% of the total export to Southeast Asia.
● In terms of export value, export of 2016 1H to Myanmar, Indonesia, Kampuchea and Laos YOY increased while export to Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines decreased. 
● The situation in general suggests promising market in Southeast Asia, where almost all countries remain politically stable. Myanmar is moving towards democracy, Kampuchea has strengthened its relationship with ASEAN. The countries in Southeast Asia are being integrated and are opening up for foreign business operations while effort is being made on development of domestic economy and on improvement of people's livelihood. Demographic dividend is another driving factor to the sustainable growth of local market and will promote rapid economic growth to the best interest of pesticide market.

● Chinese pesticide export quantity of 2016 1H to India increased 52.9%, having reached 20,864 tons; export value increased 19.6%, having reached $177 million. 
● Chinese pesticide export quantity of 2016 1H to India accounted for 2.9% of the total and export value accounted for 9% of the total. 
● In terms of export value, insecticide was of largest export value, being about $95.04 million; herbicide being $37.36 million and fungicide being $25.36 million. 
● The top 3 ranked product varieties were all insecticides, being respectively chlorantraniliprole, imidacloprid and padan. Pendimethalin and azoxystrobin appeared on a bursting increase, which were respectively 972.41% and 757.58% up YOY. 
● Market picked up in general. The raining season of India came just at right time, which is one of the reasons for the increase of both quantity and value of Chinese pesticide export. 
● India’s rural labor shortage caused by immigration and social welfare program contributed to the significant increase of the use of pesticide, as the use of pesticide is more cost-saving than the use of labor. The proportion of labor cost in the cost of planting is becoming higher and higher, which would give rise to the increased use of herbicide and insecticide.

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