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Sep. 15, 2016

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Latin America leads the empty pesticide containers recycling process and increasingly innovates to recycle the material and reuse it in products for the construction or the automotive industry.
In 2015 the CropLife Latin America associations network through its “Campo Limpio” program collected 56,791 tons with an investment of over 20 million dollars executed in 18 countries of the region. Under innovative processes, this material is recycled into profitable products for the society to be used in industries such as automotive, construction and agricultural products.
For Jose Perdomo, president of CropLife Latin America, the industry is committed to the pesticides management in the pre-consumption, consumption and post consumption in order to facilitate the use of products and make farming more friendly to the environment.
Countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico or Chile, produce plastic wood, safety cones, plastic bags for collection centers or plastic fences, through which is given a second use to this material. Costa Rica is another key example which exports to Japan 80% of the recycled products for the development of the lower parts of vehicles, and the other 20% is directly processed in the country for the plastic wood manufacture and garbage cans for gathering centers.
"Brazil is the leader in the region with the collection of empty containers as its legislation parameterized this activity through INPEV, National Institute of Empty Containers" says Perdomo.
Promoting Good Agricultural Practices
Through “CuidAgro” program that was implemented in Latin America, the CropLife Latin America associations network, achieved to train more than 196,000 people with an investment of more than $ 2 million in 18 countries of the region.
"We are sure that training and education in the responsible use of pesticides issues, correct use of Personal Protective Equipment PPE and Integrated Pesticide Management IPM facilitates farmers on crop handling and promotes good agricultural practices, which ultimately represents  more sustainable agriculture, "says the president of CropLife Latin America.

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