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May. 5, 2016

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The Argentine Association of No-Tillage Producers (Aapresid) has updated its map of tolerant diseases and resistant weeds in Argentina that it has elaborated since 2013. Comparing to the previous map, there is a total of 24 weeds in the country, which includes 24 resistant biotypes and six tolerant species – 70% more information. The map has data on 10 Argentine provinces, which are the most representative agricultural areas. For the elaboration of the map, over 200 professionals were consulted.

The weeds with more presence in the country are the horseweed (Conyza Bonaerensis), Whitemouth dayflower (Commelina Erecta), Johnson Grass (sorghum halepense), Echinochloa colona, the Indian goosegrass (Eleusine Indica), Trichloris Benth, Raygrass (Lolium hybridum), Borreria Verticallata, the Careless Weed (Amaranthus Palmeri) and the Globe Amaranths (Gomphrena). In order to control these weeds, farmers have an average extra cost of US$ 50 to US$ 100 per hectare. The map also reveals that the presence of these increase have jumped between 10% and 50%.

The Raygrass was mostly present in the southern agricultural parts of the country and the Chloris in the Central parts, like Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos and Santa Fe. The Careless Weed is more often seen in the Center-West of the country, in provinces like Mendoza, La Pampa and the western part of the Buenos Aires province.

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