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PAU warns Indian farmers of fungus outbreak in potato, pea cropsqrcode

Dec. 9, 2015

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Dec. 9, 2015
Plant pathology experts of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) have warned Punjab-based farmers of an outbreak of crop diseases "late blight fungus" on potato crop and "rust" on pea crop.
According to a survey conducted by PAU scientists, late blight fungus has been noticed in the villages Maheteaana, Fuglana, Simbli, Monakalan, and Kalkat of Hoshiarpur district.
Disclosing this information, Dr P S Sekhon, PAU head of plant pathology, said weather conditions during the last week had been conducive to the fungus. He said that if this was not checked, the fungus could spread quickly and affect crop yield. On the symptoms of potato diseases, Dr Sekhon said water-soaked spots appear on margins of the leaves, which later turn into black patches with whitish fungus growth visible on lower surface in the morning hours.
Dr Sekhon said the rust fungus had also appeared on the pea crop being cultivated in the villages Pham, Patti, Badla, Kharke and Hariyian of Hoshiarpur district. With the development of this disease, yellow- to dark-coloured circular spots appear on the leaves, he said.
For late blight, PAU advised farmers to monitor their fields regularly. Dr Sekhon said that in case the symptoms are noticed, the crop should be sprayed with Indofil M-45, Antracol or Kavach. For rust, Dr Sekhon said farmers should spray 400g of Indofil M-45 mixed in 200 litres of water for each acre. The mix should be sprayed twice to thrice with a time period of 10 days between each spray.


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