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Rizobacter launched Signum bio-inducer in USqrcode

Favorites Print Oct. 1, 2015
Rizobacter, together with its American distributor Precision Laboratories, launched onto the American agricultural market Signum bio-inducer. This product, positioned in the Premium line treatments, represents a giant leap in the inoculation technologies of the agricultural microbiology company that has been working on the research and development lines in that country for 10 years, in order to maximize the biological capacities of the crop and meet the needs of the local production.
What stands out is that thanks to Signum’s unique formulation it is possible to reduce by 20 per cent the already lower doses of its predecessor (Trident) and it puts an end to the needs for an external bacterial protector. This characteristic is the key to production, since in the USA the growing presence of nematodes in crops is becoming a bigger problem, therefore the seed has little room for new treatments.
Rizobacter achieved the Signum launch after four years of research and development. It is about the only inoculation technology in the American market that with a dose of only 70 mL (50 kg of seed) guarantees feasibility and precision, since it does not demand the use of another element to ensure bacterial survival and compatibility with chemical-based therapics. It is noteworthy that traditional inoculation treatments in that country require the inclusion of three or more components at the moment of the application.
The trials, carried out in 2014, indicate that Signum bio-inducer enhances the yield of the soybean crop: 4.2 (278 Kg/Ha) bushels per acre more than in seeds without treatment and 2.7 (183 Kg/Ha) bushels more with respect to other Premium inoculants in the market. Moreover, the combination of fungicides and insecticides with Signum applied to the seed produced an additional 2.5 bushels per acre, compared with the ones that only received fungicides and insecticides.
“Signum in an example of how Rizobacter can adapt to the needs of the most demanding markets, like the United States, where every year producers look for technologies to exceed yields”, stressed the agronomist Agustín Biagioni, Rizobacter’s sales manager in North America. “The company – he added – has been developing solutions that combine the latest technology with high quality and security standards”.


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