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Joint rice control solution provided by Kwin and Bayer

On the 16th May 2015, Kesheng Group and Bayer CropScience formulated a joint rice pest control solution for application in Jiangsu’s Jianhu area. The solution worked through the collaboration includes Kesheng’s Shansheng (azoxystrobin), Zigao (pleocidin +indoxacarb), Shenyue (pymetrozine) and Bayer’s Nativo (trifloxystrobin + tebuconazole), Antrocal (propineb) and BELT (abamectin + flutolanil).
It is said that there are 40,000 hectares of paddy rice in Jianhu area. The provision of customized solution to major growers, family farm and professional cooperatives is a result of resource consolidation and a beginning of Kwin‘s  “farmer-targeted service festival”, being a paddy rice trial service under the whole-course agricultural service solution in the Internet era. 

About Kesheng Group

Established in 1992, Kesheng is currently one of the largest pesticide manufacturers and suppliers in China and among the top 20 agrochemical companies in China. 
As the Key High-tech Enterprises of China, Kesheng Group is based on offering high efficiency, low toxic and low residual green pesticides. Other business Kesheng covers including agricultural service, pharmacy, finance, five-star hotel, etc. 

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