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Favorites Print Feb. 5, 2015
Stockton Israel announces that its Timorex Gold Biofungicide was granted a new product registration by the registration authorities of Macedonia. Per the approved label, the product is registered for the control of blight in tomato and potato, downy mildew in lettuce, and gray mold in grapes.
Timorex Gold is suitable for integrated conventional and organic production, and can be integrated into IP-spray programs. Timorex Gold is harmless to humans, animals, beneficial insects and bees, and is safe for the ecosystem, soil and groundwater.
Plant pathogens have traditionally been controlled by chemical fungicides. However, with the increasing demand for pesticide-free foods, new control strategies are being adopted. Timorex Gold, a residue-free product, is an effective tool in resistance management, making it an outstanding tool for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.
STK welcomes Macedonia to the group of more than 26 countries already using Timorex Gold in organic and conventional farming to control a broad spectrum of bacterial and fungal diseases across an array of agricultural crops. Timorex Gold is an environmentally friendly fungicide based on natural ingredients found in plant extracts that optimize growers’ capabilities to manage pests and resistance while minimizing the environmental impact of chemical pest controls.
“STK is excited to offer farmers in Macedonia an environmentally responsible, curative and preventive solution which meets the evolving needs of growers for crop protection,” explained Ziv Tirosh, CEO of the Stockton Group. “Timorex Gold may be used as a standalone product or in combination with other fungicides to strengthen integrated pest management programs, allowing growers to take advantage of optimum planting and harvest conditions while reducing chemical load.”
“Timorex Gold is an excellent choice for Macedonian producers looking to maximize and protect their investment in the production of their crops.”


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