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Canada to phase out fungicide metiramqrcode

Jun. 25, 2014

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The Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has proposed the phase-out of metiram uses and all associated uses in Canada, followed by the evaluation of this active ingredient.

Metiram is a broad spectrum fungicide of the EBDC (ethylene bis-dithiocarbamate) group. The most important uses of metiram include foliar treatments to control scab on apples, early and late blight on potatoes, and rust on asparagus. Metiram has been registered by BASF as Polyram®.

PMRA concludes that under the current conditions of use, metiram do not meet current standards regarding human health and environmental risks.

PMRA’s evaluation identified risks to the general population through dietary exposure, risks to workers during re-entry activities and to the environment. These assessments support a phase-out of metiram on apple, asparagus, celery, root and tuber vegetables (e.g. carrot, sugar beet and potato), grapes and tomato. Metiram also poses a potential risk to beneficial arthropods, birds, small wild mammals and to aquatic organisms

A consultation with the registrant BASF resulted in discontinuation of the use of a metiram dust product on foliage of potato, tomato, celery and grape, and the use of a metiram powder product on potato seed pieces for the control of Fusarium seed decay and seed-borne common scab.

The PMRA is soliciting from the public information that may be used to refine the occupational, dietary, and environmental risk assessments. During the consultation period, BASF has the opportunity to provide additional data and propose changes to the use pattern that could be used to address the risk concerns. If additional changes to the use pattern are not adequate to address the risk concerns, uses of metiram will be phased out.

This proposal is open for public from June 20th to August 4th 2014.

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